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I have decided to write this letter to you, as a sort of introductory business proposal, hoping that it will be able to reach out to you.

May I start by briefly introducing myself: My name is Oleg Korotenko. I am a Kyiv-based producer, 52 years of age. I have studied moviemaking in Moscow, in Europe and in Ukraine. To highlight my professional record, I put below some of the movies, where I was directly involved with my own service production film company “Danapris-Film” as an executive producer and a host-organizer.


With the great pleasure I would like to invite you, at any time convenient for you to Ukraina



The film-company “Danapris-Film” was created in 1993 as a limited liability company.

The company declared about itself by the film “Foochow” /1994/ written and directed by Mikhail Illienko. This film was made in co-production with “Belgorodfilm” /Russia/. In 1995 the “Foochow” was invited to the XXV International Rotterdam Film Festival to participate in the extra contest show where the film got the honorable mention and the warmest press and audience reference.

In 1996 together with Italian producers Leo Pescarollo and Guido de Laurentiis in co-production with German, French and Swiss film-makers "Danapris- Film” participated in producing of “The Truce” (1997), directed by Francesco Rosi. It is a film version of the autobiographical novel of the famous Italian writer Primo Levi. The whole film was shot on the locations of the West Ukraine. "Danapris-Film” rendered all necessary services for the production of the film.

In 1997 “The Truce” was included to the contest program of the Film Festival in Cannes. The same year the film was awarded by the premium Davide di Donatello- the main professional award of the Italian cinematography, the analogue of the American “Oscar” in four nominations including “The Best Film”.

In 1997-1998 the company continues working with Italian film-makers. The film “The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean” directed by the rising star of the world cinema Giuseppe Tornatore, the owner of the “Oscar” for his movie “Cinema Paradise” in 1990. The film was made on the Black Sea cost in Odessa. The services for its production were provided by the company "Danapris-Film”. In 1999 the film “The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean” was awarded by the premium Davide di Donatello in five nominations.

In 2002-2003 “Danapris-Film” worked on the film “Evilenko”, together with Pacific Pictures and its famous world producer Mario Catone. Because of force majeure have occurred during the period of pre-production in Russia, our company in the short term was provided friendly support to the producer of the film and that’s why shooting took place in Ukraine. During three month such actors like Malcolm McDowell and Marton Csokas spent their time in Kiev with great pleasure.  Company "Danapris-Film” satisfied all inquiries about the actor’s private riders. The film director David Greco and director of photography Fabio Zamarion were very pleased and have repeatedly said in private conversations that they would love to work in Ukraine again.

In 2003 my company started to work together with Chinese filmmakers, who led the famous director Zhang Yimou. Two-thirds of the movie "House of Flying Daggers" was filmed in western Ukraine. Company Danapris successfully carry out shooting the picture, thanks to the acquisition for many years on behalf of the film production market, and having close ties with all supported companies and structures.


I’m proud working on the set together with the foreign film-makers, the stars of the world cinema like Pasqualino de Santis, Andrea Crisanti, Lajos Koltai, Alberto Verso, Fabrizio Castellani, Ennio Morricone, John Turturro, Massimo Ghini, Agneska Vagner, Tim Roth, Pruitt Tylor Vince, Malcolm McDoweel, Marton Csokas and others.


I would like to draw your particular attention that I am, probably, the only person in the post-Soviet movie production industry that had a chance to provide for many foreign films a ‘completion bond’ service. It is, in my opinion, very important for many producers to have an understanding and responsible partner, capable to guarantee a successful process, regardless of complexity of the task.

гримерка 008
гримерка 007
гримерка 006
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гримерка 001


During the last 20 years me and my production team successfully provided following services:

-  Production coordination and management, providing services for your film /video/ TV and still production;

-  Obtaining all necessary permissions and guarantees from local Administrations for shooting on the territory chosen for places of locations;
-  Information service concerning administrative laws, legislation and banking in Ukraine, forms and methods of financing of the film production on the territory of Ukraine;

-  Obtaining permission from Ministry of Labour of Ukraine for the foreign specialists, visas service and its extension for the members of foreign shooting crew;
-  Organization of Customs service in Ukraine, obtaining permission for the import of cargo and its transportation to the places of locations, Customs clearance;

-  Security service of the foreign shooting crew and shooting objects on the locations and its protection;
-  Hiring of professional Ukrainian specialists for the filmmaking, arrange casting including young, talented and English-speaking specialists /extras, professional stunts/, organizing crowd scenes /military and civil/;

-  Location scouting in Ukraine in accordance with the script, obtaining permissions from the local Administrations for their further rent;
-  Transport service and providing special transport means necessary for the shooting period;

-  Living accommodations for the foreign specialists on the places of locations, hotel rent and private apartments;
-  Organization of pyrotechnics and special effects, providing for this purpose all necessary materials and specialists;

-  Deposits of all kinds roof properties, costumes, accessories, techniques /military, civil and playing/;
-  All necessary materials for construction of any kind of decorations;

-  Every possible arms like tanks, cannons, airplanes, ships, armored personnel carrier, small arms;
-  Pavilions for shooting measuring from 100 m2 to 5000 m2;

-  All necessary and complete photographic information about the climatic zones of Ukraine, its sightseeing, nature and architecture;
-  Medical service and insurance for the members of foreign shooting crew;

-  Providing the necessary quantity of professional interpreters of different languages;
-  All necessary and complete information related the film production economy and financial documents.

база 018
база 081
база 045
база 041
база 039
база 032
база 030
база 026
база 023
база 021
база 024
база 015


That is, basically, my professional record, giving you a glimpse on my professional expertise and my personal characteristics. I will be more than happy to provide references and recommendation letters from all producers that I had an opportunity to work with.  So, here’s my proposal for your kind consideration:


1. All the countries that I have mentioned above: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Republic of Georgia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine have a few things in common: a well-developed moviemaking infrastructure, qualified supporting staff (props, make-up artists, set designers, costume designers, mechanics, lighting, pyrotechnics, visual effects experts, stuntmen etc.); there is also specialized transport and equipment widely available. Almost everywhere there is a developed administrative system for moviemaking. And, sadly, enormous amount of these potential remains unutilized.


2. Various natural sites and locations with multiethnic human resources are perfect to realize practically any director’s or producer’s idea. 


3. Labour cost, licensing and permit system, materials and the rental costs for everything one may need to make any type of film is much lower than in European Union, US and Canada.   


4. American movies have never, I repeat, never been made on these territories. These countries are practically unknown for American producers, as they don’t consider those for producing and promoting their movies. I think that a hidden potential of these countries are much larger, than what we’ve got in European Union. 


Therefore, I am deeply convinced that an American producer or a US company, which will move in their production here first, will ultimately be able to reap the most benefits by not only making their own product here, but also by providing some supporting services to others that will, certainly, follow. I also think that some of the Chinese companies are already looking closely at this market now, pondering best approach to advance their movie products here. 


So, I hereby forward for your kind consideration a partnership proposal to jointly produce or to provide service support for moviemaking – the details can, certainly, be discussed further. In any case, you can always rely on and my capabilities to implement your projects in these countries.



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